with turn-key service from concept to completion


Interior design studio "Fusion Dots" - a creative team of professional designers and architects specializing in the design implementation of private interiors in modern and classic styles, with the new trends and directions.


When you create an interior design project, our company provides a full range of services, from concept development of space-planning decisions to the full implementation of the plan at the facility, including the development of exclusive designer furniture and decoration. We will help you identify the unique artistic expression of your interior, and to determine rational use of space, taking into account your tastes and preferences. For each project we approach with full responsibility and using the whole range of professional developments, assist timely and accurately implement all the ideas presented in the e-design project. All documentation is carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations in architectural design, which guarantees the correct interaction with the builders and related professionals.

company philosophy

By creating interior design project, we emphasize the individuality of our customers and strive to focus on their true needs, wishes and ideas about comfortable living space, resulting in a positive experience of interaction. (The principle of "3P")


    ■     Incremental methods of the project, a systematic approach.
    ■     Creating design projects using the technology of lighting.
    ■     Flexible rates.
    ■     Schedule, customized for the customer's time frame.
    ■     Test drive services: design consulting and development of conceptual planning decisions.


In the business segment, are interested in ordering a full-service interior design apartment or cottage.
Our customers can evaluate and identify the main idea is still under consideration of preliminary proposals like included in the process of creating interior design, have a sense of taste and a clear idea of what they want to get in the end.
Area: Apartment 80 - 150 sq.m .; Country-House 180 - 300 sq.m.

The core values of our clients:
■     factor of personal interaction based on mutual trust;
■     the ratio of "price-quality" services;
■     flexible pricing;
■     creative approach to solving problems, avoiding patterns.

After the repairs we are in touch with our clients, providing support in configuration space furniture, decoration materials, lighting and decor elements.

Vector Development Company

Our company is actively developing in the direction of the architectural design of country cottages, leaving the full range of architectural and design services, taking into account during the design house interior design concept for the future. When the dividing line individual perception of internal and external space, there is harmony integrity, based on the perception of spectacular as the interior and exterior of the projected cottage.