About Us

When creating a design project of a private interior is an architectural method, when combined rationalism with aesthetic and ergonomic factors. The most important thing in this method is the conceptual idea of the solution space, the logic of moving from the General to the particular, from black-and-white sketches to photo-realistic images, when it is important the small details. Therefore, three-dimensional visualization needed to identify the essence of design ideas, and discussing it with the customer, and not as an independent goal.


Each of our design project interior carries a unique energy, going beyond the normal scope and customary boundaries, while providing for human needs and not just desire. We understand that the interior (as a combination of functional features of space), in which dwells a major impact on his mood and attitude, reveals his true values and character traits. We are not afraid to experiment with form and color, as with the aim being to transform the human environment, we take into account that the interior design changes and the man himself, and this is a big responsibility. To achieve a good result in interior design can only be a professional in his field.