Interior Design Consultancy

What is included in the service design consulting interior?


Because not every apartment requires a full design of the project, to create a quick concept, the interior design Studio "Fusion Dots" decided to offer a new and unique service -Design-consulting".

Design consulting are guidelines and detailed answers to specific questions about interior design, helping you to choose the suitable style in the interior, as well as to determine the functional zoning, the optimal choices of re-planning your living space.

Design consulting is carried out in the following stages:

1. The analysis of the object (with the site, or by photo and plans BTI), a survey of the customer to determine the desired style in the interior, and all requirements to the functionality of the interior.

2. Preparation of reference selection of similar interior solutions that meet the customer`s specifications.

3. Running multiple variants of alterations of the premises, furniture arrangement, and description of the advantages of each.

4. Identify ideas for artistic transformation of living space and decorating expressed in sketches or examples of other objects.

5. Preparation of a conceptual map of the appropriate colors for each room.

6. Check out with the customer in specialty stores, for the selection of interior elements and materials.

7. Providing a list of recommended construction contracts, and furniture companies.

Get advice on interior design you through Skype if you are in another city, enough to have a photo of the existing interior, plans BTI, and detail to fill in your questions and suggestions send us the questionnaire.

Typically, this service is ideal for apartments that do not require complex design decisions, if in the future will require a more thorough development of design solutions or any additional materials, you will be able to order a full or partial design project, for the desired areas.